A Faster Path to Airport Security


The Need

Nobody likes long lines at the airport. They are bad for travelers, tough on staff, and negatively impact security readiness. The TSA is investing heavily in solutions to accelerate these critical processes, and asked StandardData for help improving an existing model.  

  • The TSA needed to accelerate processing times at check out
  • Systems needed to scan for a wide range of prohibited items including firearms, knives, and other weapons and prohibited material

The Challenge

While many businesses use a SaaS product to carefully organize this information, our client didn’t have the luxury of centralized tools and processes. They had accumulated lots of data in various formats from different team members and needed to find a way to consistently export contact information in user-friendly format.

The Solution

StandardData was brought on to help the team quickly get to a solution.

  • We had to collate and clean data 
  • We used a Chat GPT3 model to build a natural language parser that extracted contact info
  • We then added a service to convert the data into a vCard format
  • The vCard was automatically emailed back to the sender

The Result

StandardData’s optimized infrastructure enabled machine learning for predictive fault detection, reduced data processing time, and enabled effective scaling of operations in the future. These enhancements led to the client’s increased efficiency and competitiveness in the market.