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StandardData is a consulting firm that simplifies the use of artificial intelligence in business, empowering you to transform your data into actionable insights.


Organizations may have a significant amount of data, but utilizing, storing, and transferring it becomes increasingly challenging as the dataset grows larger and more complex.

Our expertise lies in unraveling the vast potential of data within your organization. We specialize in transforming raw data into a valuable and actionable asset, leveraging technologies such as Artificial  Intelligence (AI) , Machine Learning (ML), Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and more.

We begin where your company’s current data pipelines end to build on and propel you to the future.






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The StandardData Difference
At StandardData, our philosophy centers on delivering expertise in an efficient, more innovative solution design.
More Efficient
We look past long roadmaps and pricy recommendations to shape solutions directly impacting business outcomes. We are fast, agile, and focused on minimizing scope.
We believe in leveraging the strength of the latest technologies such as open–source AI to transform your data versus costly proprietary models that will soon be obsolete.


Experts in Applied Data Solutions

Experts in Applied Data Solutions

The problems we can solve with enough of the right data, in the right condition, are nearly endless.
But each and every StandardData engagement has to start with one question: what can our expertise do for you? From expert consulting on data operations to the complex cloud integration required to bring it all to life, StandardData has experts ready to roll.

Building Smarter Ways of Seeing and Understanding

We’ve seen how data and machine learning help to see and make sense of the world in new ways, augmenting human expertise and automating their toughest, dirtiest, and often most monotonous tasks. 

  • Improve the reach and accuracy of critical machine imaging systems
  • Extract mission-critical insights from piles of disconnected data
  • Automate event/item detection in complex challenging real-world environments

We are particularly proud of our work with important public-sector partners, but we’re ready to make applied data matter everywhere it can add or unlock business value.

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StandardData has been helping me maintain and optimize the product – NFT infrastructure & dev tools. They explained things in a way that I can understand even though I am not a developer.

They were some of the most solid builders I have encountered. I highly recommend StandardData to work with.

Kangle Lin_10Xit_80x80
Kangle Lin
Founder and CEO,
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We were looking for a partner that could assist us with making sense of the data we were collecting from our IoT devices – not just what we could see, but what we couldn’t see. 

The data anomalies hidden deep within our large data set that would help us in predicting future failures. StandardData not only delivered what we were looking for but exceeded our every expectation throughout the life of the project.

Dave Parker
CEO, Par-Tech
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StandardData supports the implementation of Azure Cloud, Azure DevOps, and data workflow architecture including databases, ETL pipelines, and interfaces between data and software engineering teams.

StandardData’s customer service and execution are world-class, bringing a wealth of software knowledge and best practices to help drive strategic solutions and improve overall project performance. From day one, they felt like experienced partners on our side.

Corey Pearce
Program Manager, AVX Aircraft Company
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We truly appreciate the hard work Dillon Peterson has done in developing an end-to-end pipeline for performing OCR processing for a major federal client. His efforts led to a major enhancement of current “search” abilities on the client’s website by replacing lackluster OCR with current industry standards.

StandardData also designed a parallelized data flow architecture for the OCR processing at scale on AWS that has minimal overhead, low cost, and high performance.

StandardData really helped turn things around on the project and the client is very happy.

Priya Dewsbury
Project Manager, Artemis Consulting, Inc.


StandardData brings technology and business expertise together
to make data matter in ways that drive your business or mission forward.


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