Real-World Client Success

Getting started to transform your data through AI may be easier than you think.


You don't need a lot of new data to begin.

Sometimes, even small amounts of the correct data can be enough to get a project underway. Depending on the problem being solved, third-party or synthetic data sets can be used to build and train models. 


Anticipate a short discovery period. 

Our team can move quickly and accurately towards a prototype or working model, which gives everybody a starting point for iteration and improvement.  


Total automation/reinvention isn’t the only possible outcome.

While some data use cases end with complete automation or reinvention, breaking big challenges into smaller pieces may have as much, if not more, value for you. The ability to automate pieces of a larger whole is still immensely valuable and can unlock important and surprising insights early in the process. We will work with you to define your objectives and determine the best approach for you. 

StandardData works with clients across industries to transform their data into actionable insights through AI.


From vehicle telematics data CSVs in the cloud to aircraft HUMS data, we know how to work with all kinds of data, no matter what it is or where it is.


Government challenges can be especially tricky at times owing to limited options. We’ve successfully executed everything from dataset cleaning and preparation, to OCR at scale, to predictive maintenance systems for helicopters.


Ensuring that patient data is optimized within national standards, we help streamline processes and make them more efficient. For example, we are leveraging IOT devices to improve patient check-in procedures, making them faster and more reliable.


StandardData works with both research and commercial arms of educational institutions, helping bring products to market and develop proof of concepts quickly and cost effectively.

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