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StandardData Services: A different approach to AI in business

StandardData combines deep information and technology expertise with a forward-thinking approach to AI application in business.
We provide a streamlined process for discovering and implementing solutions, leveraging advanced technology like open-source AI to ensure your data is prepared for the future.

Our perspective on open-source AI:

We see AI thriving like software in an open-source community.  In this setting, data holds the true value, not proprietary models.  Our approach advocates for using open-source AI instead of expensive, short-lived proprietary models.  These community-driven models are primed to turn your unique data into actionable insights.  At StandardData, we prioritize data as the core value in the modern economy.  Invest in your data, not in quickly outdated models.




Get more out of your datasets.

StandardData specializes in developing robust data pipelines, integrating technologies, and providing a clear pathway forward.

•  Emphasize performance, cost-efficiency, and high availability.

•  Prepare your data to take advantage of AI/ML.

•  Document extraction and OCR service at scale.


Transform your business faster.

From computer vision and parallel processing to strategy, StandardData offers a fresh perspective, swift development, and a multifaceted approach to tackle your most challenging problems.

•  Strategy: Where could we use AI? Where should we use AI? Where do we start?

•  KPI identification for AI solutions.

•  “Off the shelf” model fine-tuning and deployment.

•  We do not build proprietary models, as we think they aren’t worth investing in with the advent of OpenSource AI, which we expect to happen in a couple of years.
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Drive innovation more efficiently.

We bridge gaps in institutional knowledge, overcome technological challenges, and offer cross-disciplinary approaches to optimize operations.

•  Data pipes to cloud in remote environments.

•  Decode and transcribe data from edge devices (tractors, sensors, …) to make use of it in AI context.

•  Manage ML model provisioning and deployment to “edge” devices at scale.


Applied data can help you close gaps, serving as a force multiplier to the people working hard to make tomorrow happen. Whether bringing new products to markets or sharpening defenses in an uncertain world, AI can get us to that future faster.

  • Connected nodes

    Extract critical insights

    from complex business data sets

  • PigSmall

    Reduce cost

    of data operations and AI/ML applications

  • Automate


    manual inspection and/or scanning processes

  • Gear with connect nodes

    Build workflows

    that move large data sets into useful objects and applications

If you have a universe of data and no map, we can help. We can begin to make sense of your data and accelerate the creation of both order and opportunity inside data sets of all shapes and sizes.

Still not sure what data can do for you?

Solving Hard Problems in Tough Places

One of applied data’s biggest benefits is the ability to help humans do more and with less effort. Intelligent applications and services can help humans focus their talent on directly creating value and concentrating on strategic tasks. Automation and process training can help humans do less hard work in tough environments.

StandardData works with private and public sectors engaged in both commercial innovation and the hard work of community public safety and security.

What can we help with?