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A Revolution in Action

Author Bruce Sterling told us that the future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed. Applied data can help us close those gaps, serving as a force multiplier to the people working hard to make tomorrow happen. Whether it’s bringing new products to markets or sharpening defenses in an uncertain world, machine learning can get us to that future faster.

If you have a universe of data and no map, we can help. We can begin to make sense of your data and accelerate the creation of both order and opportunity inside data sets of all shapes and sizes.

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Solving Hard Problems in Tough Places

One of applied data’s biggest benefits is the ability to help humans do more and with less effort. Intelligent applications and services can help humans focus their talent on directly creating value and concentrating on strategic tasks. Automation and process training can help humans do less hard work in tough environments.

StandardData works with private and public sectors engaged in both commercial innovation and the hard work of community public safety and security.

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