Building a

New Kind of Empire

There’s no escaping the inspiration for our name. Standard Oil, founded in 1870 by JD Rockefeller, was instrumental in powering the industrial prosperity of the 20th century.

Similarly, in a world where data is increasingly our most vital commodity, we believe the future is brighter than ever. Technology is how we make it happen, but it will always be human expertise and passion that sets these changes in motion.


Business First, Technology Second

StandardData aims to help lead this bold new era of discovery and creation, always abiding by one guiding principle: business first, technology second. This means that business and operational outcomes are always the goal, never innovation for its own sake.
  • We believe this is the most responsible use of our customers’ resources, as well as our best path to a successful project outcome.
  • We also know that machine learning and artificial intelligence can be a bewildering sea of buzzwords. We’re here to demystify and de-risk the process.
  • We are experts in both technology and business. Our goal is success in both.

Here’s a little bit more about what makes us a different kind of ML firm.

Meet the team

StandardData is a team of experts in data, technology, and business.  We bring diverse experience and specialization together with a singular goal in mind: using applied data innovation to move your business and mission forward.

Dillon Peterson
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Duquemin
Chief Operating Officer
Trevor Croteau
Applied Data Engineer
Spencer White
Senior Machine Learning Engineer
Montez Peterson
Kelsey Buckler
Executive Assistant

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